Some Great Ideas Can be Handmade to Decorate the Doors in the House

Decorate the Doors – Hello guys thanks for visiting us. Now, i will give you some ideas for decorate the doors of your house. This tips are very good ideas, so please read carefully and have fun!

1. The door with clover brings luck

We all know that clover is a symbol of luck. To decorate the doors (1) with this grass, you will bring luck to your home.


  • Green paper
  • Glue and scissors


  1. Cut the green clover leaves in the 3D heart shape.
  2. Cut another small piece of green paper to make the body of clover.
  3. Stick 3 peaks of each leaf together, then place on the top of the piece of green paper making the body of clover, use adhesive tape to stick 2 sides to each other
  4. Take another piece of 2-side adhesive tape to paste on the central part of the clover leaf, and then gently press it onto the door.

The door with clover brings luck

Decorate the door with many clover shapes which have different sizes on the door. Hope it will bring your room many luck.

The door is where people get in and get out most often, so these clovers can make the space of room come alive, fresh and more meaningful.

2. Brighten the room space by the door with air vents

Such doors are very ideal for homes that are quite dark and want to extend the light area for the living space. Doors are made to be empty, inside there is an iron board having the air vent to produce additionally the features above. Not only brighten the room, but this door also helps the indoor air to get the ventilation.

3. “Three in One” door for the whole family

door for whole family

“3 in 1” is a design concept for the family with many children when they are not strong enough to push a large door. The doors are integrated into the large ones by the hinges that will help the children to close or open the door easily.

4. Vary the old door into a new one

In addition to the unique-style door above, you can also stylize the door of your room by various ways such as painting, decorating with wallpapers, stickers, decals, or even old newspapers arranged in creative and unique style. It is not necessary to spend a large amount to reattach the door, but you still have a new one full of your own and your family characteristics.

Vary the old door into a new one

Choose the favorite decals for the whole family to paste together to design the door of your child’s room. Leverage the old maps, cut to make shapes and integrate to the door.

The wallpaper is also a good hint for decorating doors

walpaper door

5. Make the hanging sign on the door by yourself

Only with some materials natural or available in the home and the tools such as paint, brushes, scissors, glue. You can create the hanging sign on the door. The door will stand out more with these hanging signs. Do not forget to make the string to hang it on the door. Strange, beautiful but simple, isn’t it?

Seeing this door hanging sign is seeing the atmosphere you want to create for the house as well as the message you want to send to the guests. Feeling very comfortable!

6. Decorate the door of the house with garlands

Just with some small and pretty furniture as wreaths and variations in the decoration, the air of Christmas, New Year, and new season. It’s will rush into and spread throughout the living space in the apartment of your family.

christmas design doors

The doors of the house are the place that separates the own world of every family with external society, as well as a place to leave a first impression of the guests when visiting your house

A decorated wreath for the door is the optimal choice when the Christmas, New Year, or new season… is coming. Wreaths and greens can be mounted in the middle on the outside of the door, added with the green strips follow the door frame edges as you have got a really friendly greeting and inviting to everyone.

A wreath hanging inside the door makes your room space fresh and strange than usual a lot. It would be “sweet” when waking up every morning, the warm and joyful air of a peace Christmas, New Year or new season through the wreath transmits to all your space.

The door is the little thing in the family, but extremely relevant to vary the old room into a new and exciting space. With the cost of installation and design is not so high you’re your family can choose this as one of the solutions when building or redesigning the house.

I think that enough, Thanks for visiting my home decor abc catalog. Happy Decor!

The Ideas to Decorate the Doors to be More Prominent

Decorate the Doors – The doors is where you start going to work or school, so it also partly affects the mind when you begin a new day. Please decorate the doors (2) with the following ways for your beloved house.

1. Select the colors, materials and textures, patterns on the door

picture of the doors
The door

In modern architectural space today, the door also plays an important role in contributing to create the aesthetic beauty to the entire living space, even if it is also selected to be a highlight attraction of the house. So the selection of the colors, materials and textures, patterns on the doors also need to be carefully considered and calculated.

The doors used with brilliant and light colors are very easy to attract the attention of people around, and it also creates interesting accents for the walls which are painted with neutral colors quite tedious.

To decorate the doors to be more attractive with beautiful and rustic dry wreaths, you should choose the color of the wreath opposite to the color of the door to make the highlight for itself. Besides that you can place more convolves squeezed through the door frame to bring natural beauty to your home.

2. Make the Clothes Hangers or Hooks

The hooks or hangers near the doors provide the greater convenience to users. On these, you can readily hang necessary items when going out like a raincoat, umbrella, hat, and scarf… to be convenient and not forget essentials. It also has the same effect when you from the outside go into the house, because you can leave the raincoat, jacket, hat, or umbrella right at the door without bringing into the house.

The doors with hook
Door with Hooks

For the most convenience, leverage a corner near the door to install clothing hooks or hangers. Below can put a doormat to catch water flowing down from the coat and hat to be not afraid about dropping on the floor and wipe the foot before entering the house. There are many different designs of hooks and hangers. Depending on your style, and the degree of harmony between the design of living space and the clothes needed hanging, you can choose what appropriate kinds of hangers or hooks.

3. Prepare Personal Bags

The Doors with personal bag
Personal Bag

Personal bags are small bags containing all necessary items when you go out. Therefore, you should form the habit of putting your bags in a fixed place and the necessary personal items are always available in the bag, including pens, paper towels, glasses, lip gloss … The handy corner for you to put the bags is probably the area near the door and take advantage of the rack, you can hang bags there. With this idea, we ensure you will never be late when arrange items to go out and never forget the essentials when going out anymore.

4. Design the area for shoes

Many families have a habit to put the shoes outside the house. This is both not dry and quickly broken for the shoes. Or they put their shoes on the floor; it is narrow and lacks of aesthetic. For this reason you should buy or manually make a shoes rack fit the entrance area and arrange neatly your shoes on it. With these shoes racks or cabinets, letís stratify them to be able to store as more shoes as possible. The top compartment can be slippers, followed by the summer shoes, sneakers, high heels, winter shoes and the last is boots. If the door area is not tidy with clutter, you must start going to work or school by rummaging up to find socks or shoes. It will definitely not bring you a good mood when starting a new day.

The Door with Area Shoes

Also, you can add the racks to put the other essentials such as clothing rollers to clean clothes before going out (especially pet hair clinging to clothes) and other essential items.

5. Insert the wall-mounted shelves

wall-mounted shelves in door area
wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelve is another idea for you to put items at a place match your reach. With the opening shelves, your room becomes more elegance and modern than traditional cabinets heavy. With the gentle shelves, you also have more alternatives to store small items in a certain place without fear of missing such as house and car keys, wallet, house cards, elevator card, glasses or watches.

6. Combine clothing hanging and storing shoes area

Finally, there is also an option for you that you turn the door into an area to hang clothing and place shoes neatly at a corner nearby to save the space and be convenient. You can order a high cabinet with a narrow width that can be fit to put shoes combining the other items hanger which you normally use when you go out.

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About Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table To Know

Have you ever heard of reclaimed wood coffee table? If you have not, then let this article explain you a bit about reclaim wood coffee table. This is one of the most popular wood furniture that people use in their house. Besides decorating the house to look better, this table also often used in living room as a coffee table. Commonly, coffee table itself is made of wood.

There are a lot of different types of  wood coffee table that would be suitable for you to buy and put it in your living room. Besides putting it in your living room you can also put your  wood coffee table in your terrace. This way, you can even get a chance to enjoy the wind, the sunshine strikes to you, with a cup of coffee on your reclaimed wood coffee table.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

Reclaimed wood coffee table comes in a lot of different designs. Let’s start it with the common coffee table. For the common one, reclaimed wood coffee table’s shape is mostly square. Without any additional design on the reclaimed wood coffee table. This kind of design is suitable for you who loves such a simple design. Next one, there is a round shape reclaimed wood coffee table, The function would be still the same.

Small table that is mostly used to put cups of coffee. You can choose this design as well to match with your living room’s design. Another design that you would like is the modern design of reclaimed wood coffee table. This design is suitable for you people who has already had such a modern design of your houses.

You can add modern reclaimed wood coffee table for your coffee table. Other design is the hairpin design. Hairpin itself refer to the pole of the coffee table. If usually coffee table’s pole are also made from wood, the hairpin pole is made from iron and its shape looks like a hairpin. This is why it called hairpin design.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Is Very Easy To Get

You can buy one from the home decoration shops around you. Or if you do not have enough time to look it directly, you can visit some online sites that offer you different types of reclaimed wood coffee table. For the price, the square and simple design usually cost about $100 or more. It depends on the quality of the wood and the design itself. So, it is based on your preference. Which one would you like to have.

Reclaimed wood coffee table is also easy to create. Besides buying the wood coffee table, do you know that you can even make your own reclaimed wood coffee table? All you need to have is the woods and the equipment to build your own coffee table. You can visit some online sites to find the tutorial. This way, you can create your own coffee table based on your preference and even can save up some money, This is another way of having such a cool reclaimed wood coffee table by spending less money on it. Are you interested?

Best Thing About : Speed Queen Washer Reviews

Speed queen washer reviews – shout out to all the people who are having trouble with their washing machine. Do you find it frustrating? The fact that you need to buy new washing machine all over again because it spoils easily. Maybe it is because you have not know about Speed Queen Washer before.

Firstly, have you ever heard of Speen Queen Washer? If not, let this article tell you the best thing about Speed Queen Washer.

This washing machine would be one of the best washing machines ever that you could imagine. Why? Refer to its motto “built to last”, Speed Queen Washer last for a very long time. Which means that it cannot spoil easily and hence you can enjoy your time washing all the clothes without afraid that your washing machine spoils easily or you need to buy a new one.

Speed queen washer reviews

Speed queen washer reviews would be one of the most wanted information for you to know. Because you might be not sure enough whether Speed Queen Washer really is the best washing machine ever. Now, let’s going through some reviews of speed queen washer. Based on the survey, a lot of customers that have already used speed queen washer said that their washing machine is the best washing machine because it can last for 25 years. Can you imagine that you do not need to buy a new washing machine for at least 25 years? This way, you really can save up your money.

Speed Queen Washer Reviews 2017

This machine also available for you to put your clothes up to 15 pounds of laundry. Wouldn’t it be more convenience for you to possibly put all your clothes inside speen queen washer machine all at once? This way, you are not only saving the electricity bill but also you get a chance to save your time. It only takes 55 minutes for your clothes in the speed queen washer to be washed properly in the washing machine.

Speed queen washer gets the score of 75 out of 100 and 115,000 subscribers. For the type of the washing machine, there are some different washing machine types that you can choose based on your enquiry. For example, if you live alone, you can just buy the type of speed queen washer that can put the laundry for 15 pounds of laundry. On the other hand, if you live with your family, you can buy the washing machine from speed queen washer that can take up to 28 pounds of laundry. Isn’t it interesting for you?

Speed queen washer reviews in the end is necessary for us to know at least some of them so that we can sure ourselves whether to buy this washing machine or not. But now we know it, that speed queen washer is one of the best washing machines that we can buy and it can last for a very long time. Are you ready to have one?

DIY Shaker Style Cabinet Doors : Easy To Make

Shaker style cabinet doors would be one of the best thing that can determine how your kitchen looks like. You can choose so many different kind of designs for your shaker style cabinet doors. But do you know that actually you can create your own shaker style cabinet doors? The first thing that you need to prepare is the materials such as the woods for your main material and all the equipment to cut and to screw the cabinet doors. After you have all the things that you need, now you are ready to make your own shaker style cabiner doors.

the first step that you need to do is to determine the size of shaker style cabinet doors that you want to create. Let’s say that you are going to make a 17 x 37 cabinet doors. That means you have to mesure 18 x 38 of the cabinet doors. Yes. We need to overlay the cabinet doors so that it can match perfectly later.

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors

Shaker Style Cabinet Doors Diy

After you have already measured the cabinet doors, you are ready to cut them. Remember to cut them carefully so that you will not miss the adjustment. Now, once you are done cutting the woods, you need to cut some dados for your shaker style cabinet doors. Again, you need to be carefully when you cut them. Because if you do not cut them rightly, you are going to miss the adjustment and hence your cabinet doors cannot match perfectly.

After you are done with the dados, you need to cut the edge of the woods (that you have already cut them) so that your dados can fit into the edge of the woods. the next step is that you need to measure the center panel and then cut them carefully.

Once you are done with the center panel, you can stick it to the frame. You are suggested to stick it with strong glue such as wood glue. So that all your woods would stick together properly. When you have already stick it, let your cabinet doors drying up for the night. Just leave it in the room without needing to turn on a fan to dry it up.

Shaker style cabinet doors can be decorated as your preference. You can buy a wooden paint so that it would leave woods impression on your cabinet doors. On the other hand, if you want to have such a modern design, you can match your cabinet woods color with the color that your kitchen has.

You can always paint some nice pattern on your cabinet doors to make it looks more classy and modern. This way, you can have your own cabinet woods without spending too much money for your cabinet doors. Are you ready to try?